Granite Water Features

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Our granite water feature collection is an elegant, modern one with a sleek design. Granite is a beautiful, shiny stone and it really brightens up a space. The pieces include cubes, rounded structures, and fountains with a flat back and bowl. All pieces are either light grey, dark grey, or a rust colour and would fit perfect in a colourful garden. The larger structures would create a focal point of your space while the smaller cube structures would look great in a corner or beside a flower bed. These water features create a calm and tranquil atmosphere.

The water features are frost resistant so there is no need to worry during the Winter months. We do always recommend throwing a cover over them in very heavy frost to keep them looking their best. Many contain LED lights which light up the structure. They are all self-contained which means the water is recycled. Each piece is equipped with a 10-metre plug which makes it easy to place your water feature wherever you like.