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  1. Curved Sheet Brick Effect

  2. 71" Chanticleer Fountain

  3. Two Tier Parlor Fountain

  4. 59" Two Tier Gabriel Fountain

  5. 68" Two Tier Charlotte Fountain

  6. 68" Florentine Fountain

  7. 78" Four Tier Harvest Fountain

  8. 56" Three Tier Harvest Fountain

  9. Three Tier Spade Fountain

  10. 50" Oliveto Fountain

  11. Two Tier Boca Round Fountain

  12. Boy Riding Dolphin Fountain

  13. Lion Finial Garden Fountain

  14. Floral Garden Fountain

  15. 40" Treefall Fountain

  16. 40" Log Fountain

  17. Canyon Falls Fountain

  18. Albero Fountain

  19. Tranquil Column Fountain

  20. Gozo Sphere Fountain

  21. 27" Falling Waters Fountain

  22. Graceful Dish Fountain (1pc)

  23. 23" Petal Pool Fountain

    Out of stock
  24. 23" Two Tier Bella Fountain

  25. Springtime Garden Fountain

    New Springtime Garden Fountain
  26. Petite Garden Fountain

  27. Fountainette - Wise Old Tree

  28. Fountainette - Sitting Angel

  1. Springtime Garden Fountain

    New Springtime Garden Fountain
  1. Pond Pump 1500 by Pet Mate

    Out of stock
  2. Venice Water Feature

  3. Pond Pump 4000 by Pet Mate

  4. Tranquil Column Fountain

  5. Floral Garden Fountain

  6. Jakarta Water Feature

  7. Canyon Falls Fountain

  8. Berlin Water Feature

  9. Graceful Dish Fountain (1pc)

  10. Pond Pump 5000 by Pet Mate

  11. Two Tier Parlor Fountain

  12. Pond Pump 1200 by Pet Mate

    Out of stock
  13. San Jose Water Feature

  14. 27" Falling Waters Fountain

  15. Pond Pump 16000 by Pet Mate

  16. Buddha on Wall Water Feature

  17. 68" Florentine Fountain

  18. Pond Pump 9000 by Pet Mate

  19. Springtime Garden Fountain

    New Springtime Garden Fountain
  1. Panama Water Feature

  2. Berlin Water Feature

  3. Large Pebble Water Feature

    Out of stock
  4. Venice Water Feature

  5. 4 Pots On Rock Water Feature

  6. Paris Water Feature

  7. Buddha on Wall Water Feature

  8. Lima Water Feature

  9. Jakarta Water Feature

  10. Riga Water Feature

  11. Bologna Water Feature

  12. Ankara Water Feature


Water Features Ireland

Thank you for visiting our website as we specialise in exclusive water features that will send your imagination racing. As you can see, from the list above our range is very varied, contemporary, stone, granite, classical, animal themed, stainless steel, ceramics and table top designs.

We delivery anywhere in Ireland within three days and our showroom is in Glen of the Downs, Co Wicklow, which is 30 minutes from Dublin.

Many people prefer to order online or phone our Customer Service Staff here at Glen of the Downs, but if you would like to view the water features before buying, we stock a varied range for you to come and see. We do not have every water feature to view which is presented online as the range is very vast, but we do have a range of approximately 30 for you to view, which gives you a good idea of quality and workmanship, as well as size.

We sell a large range of high quality garden furniture in Maze Rattan and Cast Aluminium that will not rust and is low maintenance, and our showroom is varied with everything to improve a garden and make it a wonderful living space for the summer. We supply offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, private homes and pubs and our products are normally made and supplied here in Ireland.

Our Customer Service Staff will help you with your choice of water feature if you are a little unsure of what would suit you and we can assist you with your design needs if this is a requirement. There are so many wonderful ways to improve a garden with so many different themes, such as the Oriental Style, Celtic Style or Japanese Style. These water features help you to create something a little bit different for you, your friends and family to share.

Key points regarding our water feature range:

  • Self-contained water features, easy instructions, just add water and connect to electricity supply.
  • Durable Polyresin designs suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  • High quality 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Oil fired high quality ceramics.
  • Most products contain low voltage lights/L.e.d’s.
  • All products comply with applicable IP & BS Standards.
  • Always fill the fountain with sufficient water to ensure the pump is submersed.
  • Clean and top up the water on a regular basis.
  • Adding Algae Stopper to the fountain will avoid the build-up of algae.
  • Always shut off the power before cleaning your fountain.
  • Never allow the fountain to run try if it is switched on.
  • During winter cover your fountains as ice could crack the bowls.

Our range of water features in 2014 is growing, to include,

  • Solar powered water features.
  • Water pumps.
  • Real stone water features including granite and sandstone.
  • Gnomes and Fairies.
  • A new pond liner range will be added in late Spring.