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We have everything you need to build a perfect water feature in your garden. From bird baths, miniatures, and the materials you need for the fountain, you'll find it all here. 

We also have a variety of fountains in different materials, such as ceramic and metal, and even a solar-powered category. Which will you choose to best complement your space?

Water Features

Installing a water feature is a great way to bring focus and fluency to your garden. It can bring drama and elegance while adding some fluidity, and it's also a great way to encourage wildlife. While you might imagine white marble and spouting statues when you think of a water feature, many types are available, meaning you're guaranteed to find one to suit your home perfectly.


Water Fountains

The flowing water of a fountain will keep your garden fresh and bring you a sense of peace and calm that you didn't even realise was missing before. Whether you choose to go for a traditional centrepiece or a more contemporary metallic option, the movement and gentle trickling will surely add a point of interest to your garden that will have your visitors marvelling.

The great thing about water fountains is how versatile they are. In fact, they can be considered the starting point from which you design the rest of the garden. Once installed, you might want to add some fountain lighting and maybe a bird bath; before you know it, you might even have a garden gnome to watch over you.


Wall Water Features

One of our more practical products is our selection of wall water features. These are perfect for reducing noise pollution and ideal if you live by a busy road or have a particularly excitable dog living next door. But our garden decor is much more than practical – as with everything we sell, these products are beautiful and can help to upgrade your space’s aesthetic.


Water Features for Commercial Use

If you thought water features were just for domestic gardens, you'd be very wrong. Hotels, spas, big corporate offices, and many more organisations can benefit from including a feature in their buildings. Just like gardens, they can bring tranquillity and beauty to an otherwise practical location, making them much more inviting.

We make sure that our commercial options are easy to install and require little maintenance so you can have the beauty of a fountain without hiring a whole new person to look after it!

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