Mystical Water Feature

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Mystical Water Fountains


Our mystical water features collection brings life into any outdoor space with pixies, fairies, and quaint cottages. These mystical creatures spark wonder and joy to people of all ages. They are particularly popular with children who love to have these friends in their garden. You can easily create a magic atmosphere by adding these pieces into your space. The fairies and cottages fit perfectly in flower beds, beside trees, or beside a bush. The small houses include lighthouses, water wheels, cottages, and fairy houses. Water pours from the small water pump or through the water wheel which brings these miniature houses to life. Adding these to your garden will help to create a quaint, serene space.


These water features come with a 10-metre cable so it is easy to place them in any corner of your garden. They are eco-friendly as they recycle the same water around the system as they are self-contained.


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