Water Features

Water Features

Water features are so pretty and make a garden a home. When you are thinking about buying a water feature, consider the options below.

What size you would like it to be?

Would you like it to be seen from inside your home?

What would be the best location for your water feature?

What style would you like and will it compliment the theme of the garden?

Where is the nearest location in the garden to an electricity supply?

Should it be brought inside in winter?

What material you would like it made from?

How much would you like to spend?

Water is very relaxing to watch and listen to and is therapeutic to your wellbeing. The water features are self-contained, and you just add water, and it will rotate with the electricity supply. You can put them on a timer, so they come on at a set time of the day for your enjoyment.

Water attracts wildlife and makes a garden interesting. I have a small pond in my own garden, and the birds come to bathe in the morning. I get great pleasure out of watching them. Water features make lovely presents any time of the year and can be delivered directly to friends or family.

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  1. Duck Family at Tap Poly Resin Water Feature

    Duck family at tap poly resin water feature.

    38 x 40 x 56 cm

  2. 4 Pots On Driftwood Water Feature

    4 pots on driftwood water feature.

    L52 W44 H100 cm

  3. 3 Tier Classic Stone Garden Fountain

    3 tier classic stone garden fountain.

    L66 W66 H100 cm

  4. Lions Head Twin Bowl Water Feature

    Lions head twin bowl water feature.

    L51 W38 H114 cm

  5. Medium Buddha Crystal Ball Water Feature

    Medium buddha crystal ball water feature.

    36 x 36 x 66 cm

  6. Large Bamboo Poles Water Feature

    Large bamboo poles water feature.

    L37 W34 H146 CM

  7. Squirrel On Branches Water Feature

    Squirrel on branches water feature.

    L48 W33 H89 cm

  8. TT Small Led Crystal Ball Water Feature

    Tt small led crystal ball water feature.
  9. TT Buddha With Crystal Ball Water Feature

    Tt buddha with crystal ball water feature.
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