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Water Feature Care and Maintenance.


If you have a water feature or fountain in your home garden then there are a few simple things you can do to keep it working beautifully for many years. water feature maintenance doesnt have to be a chore. In fact, its pretty low effort compared to many gardening tasks. Keep up on the water feature maintenance and it will provide you with endless enjoyment.

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Keep the Water Clean

Keep on top of the maintenance throughout the year by keeping the water clean and topped up. Drain and replace the water in your water feature monthly; or more often if it doubles as a bird bath. Many people with home fountains like to use harsh additives and enzymes to clean their water feature. We recommend a Barley Straw based cleaner which is safe, non-toxic and perfect for use in water features which might home fishes or other aquatic life.


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Keep the Surfaces Clean

Use a sponge with a scouring pad and a little dish soap to scrub the basin or any surfaces which are in constant contact with water when they feel slippery to the touch. The slippery feeling means that there are organisms like algae starting to grow inside the fountain walls even if you cant see them. You can easily test this out during the monthly water change. You shouldnt need to scrub your water feature every month.

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Its all in the Pump

Your fountain may be beautiful but its the pump that does all of the work! Maintaining the water pump for your fountain is an easy task, and one which should be done yearly depending on the water quality in your water feature. Clean the pump thoroughly in the autumn before putting it away for winter storage, or use these tips to give the pump a good cleaning if you have let the water get too dirty.


To ensure good operation of your pump, make sure it is submerged at all times as this ensures that the pump will not overheat. If it is not completely submerged then top up the water level in your water feature. If you can hear the pump over the noise of the water then you should check on it as there may be leaves or other debris covering the filter causing the pump to labour.


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Tips for cleaning your pump

  • Soak the pump in a bucket of vinegar (malt vinegar, not balsamic!) and water for a few hours to loosen the grime. Use a cloth to wipe away the residue after the vinegar treatment.

  • Remove any of the parts that you can, and use a toothbrush with dish soap to clean them.

  • Clean the pump by cycling a bucket of clean water through it. Keep cycling clean water through the pump until the water runs clear.

  • You will need to replace any damaged parts or hoses.

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Getting ready for Winter

To prepare for winter, water features should be drained, pumps removed, and cleaned well. Store the pump indoors over winter and put it back into the fountain when you set it up again in spring. Most fountains are made ruggedly enough to stay out in the elements without special care although we do recommend bringing them in over winter to extend the life of the product, this is especially true of small decorative water features. If your fountain or water feature is too large to be moved indoors then you should try to protect it from severe frost and temperature extremes by using a cover. Ensure any electricity outlets powering pumps etc. are sealed and winter safe.


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If you are in any doubt about caring for your water feature then simply drop us a mail with your question b visiting our CONTACT US page.