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Modern Bowls

Modern Bowls

Modern Bowl Water Features

Our state-of-the-art modern bowls are the perfect addition to any contemporary space. Some of these water features are inspired by pagodas from Asian architecture. Other water features include Aztec urns, slate bowls, circular bowls, and crystal balls. Modern bowls feature a sleek design and would blend seamlessly into any modern or contemporary space. The simple designs give these products a classy, expensive feel. The sounds of the water will allow you to relax in your outdoor space.

Many of our modern bowls include LED lights which light up the water features creating a beautiful effect at night. These lights are more energy efficient than regular bulbs. All modern bowls are also self-contained making them better for the environment as the water in the system is recycled. These water features are made from composite resin which enables them to endure harsh weather conditions while still having a real stone appearance.

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