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4 Pots On Brick Water Feature

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L52 W51 H120 cm

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4 pots on brick water feature.

L52 W51 H120 cm

The four pots on Brick water feature will add life and charm to your garden.

With its old-looking pots and blue slate wall, this feature gives off a vibe of history and of a time where everything was a lot simpler. A world where there was no such thing as electricity. Maybe, you should keep it that way, while you relax beside it; no phones, laptops or other gadgets to keep you 'connected' with everyone; just you and quietness. Leave everything else behind.

The flow of water starts from the top pot, which overfills its load into the larger pot below it on the wall. The water then pours through the spout in the pot and into the next pot, which is balanced on the frame of the bottom pot. The flow of water continues on down to the bottom of the largest pot, here it comes to rest before getting pushed back up by the inbuilt pump to do the journey all over again.

LED lights give this feature an even more amazing look at night. A set of low voltage LED lights in the bottom bowl shine up against the bowl above it, highlighting the shape and texture of the feature, along with shining through the stream of falling water. Another two sets of LEDs are in the two bowls above, illuminating the falling water, so you can still admire the feature from top-to-bottom even in the dark.

The feature comes fully assembled along with its pump, three sets of low voltage LED lights. A 10-metre long electrical cable is also provided, giving you the choice of placing it wherever you like in your garden. This feature is made from quality polyresin that is extremely light and easily portable and can be moved around with ease.

Durable Resin Material
This product is made of Durable Polyresin design suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Resin Statues and Sculptures. Relatively new to the world of statuary and water features is the art of casting statues with fiberglass resin. It is a very durable synthetic polymer. Resin statues and water features are able to retain all of the detail of the original works while offering many other benefits.

Quality Assured
This product complies with applicable IP & BS standards

Quality Water Pump
Fill the self contained unit with water, and the pump will circulate the water through this water feature. The pump can be turned off at will.

We include instructions in English with all our water features.

Self Contained Water Feature
No need to have a connection to the water mains, you just need to fill up this water feature and turn it on, the water will be recycled through the water feature. Only periodic refills are required.

Power Plug Included
U.K and Ireland 3 pronged plug as standard. Buying direct from Ireland, has its advantages, no pesky adapters required, the power plug also includes 10 meters of cable.

L.E.D lights
This product contains led lights. LED lamps have a lifespan many times longer than equivalent incandescent lamps, and are significantly more efficient than most fluorescent lamps.

Free Delivery in Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland in approx 8 working days

  • 1 Year Warranty


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