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Animal Water Features

Bring some life into your garden with our animal water feature collection. Choose from a variety of animals such as otters, puppies, peacocks, and squirrels. There is something for everyone in the collection. These creatures would fit perfectly in any garden. Why not add an otter near a pond or a squirrel bellow a tree? These playful animals are very realistic and bring some life into an outdoor space. These beautiful animals are lovely in a garden as they make a space feel more inviting and homely.

All of these water features include a bowl where the water pours into in. They are also self-contained meaning they are good for the environment as the water is constantly recycled. Simply fill it up with water and turn it on. They also come equipped with a 10-metre plug making it easy for you to place them anywhere in your space.

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  1. Peacock on Tree Trunk
    Peacock on Tree Trunk
    Special Price €266.95 Regular Price €354.95
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