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Composite Resin Water Fountains

Our range of composite resin water fountains has a great variety in sizes, styles and colours so you can find the perfect water fountain for your garden. As one of Ireland's biggest retailers of water fountains you'll find our selection can't be beaten.

Our Water Fountains are classic types featuring bowls, statues and multi tier fountains as well as others.

The Ripple Wall is one of our favourite water features as they offer a stunning improvement to any garden and have an extra level of versatility as they can be placed almost anywhere and fit in well.

If you're looking for something with more personality ourMystical range of water fountains feature fairies, Asian themes and others.

Animal water fountains can add life to your garden with the animals perched around the flowing water in a natural scene that makes your garden feel more alive. These are very well made with realistic features and, fittingly, these sculptures re-use the water in the fountain so it's very good for the environment.

If you're looking for a centre piece to your garden then we'd have to recommend looking at one of our range of Spinning Balls.

Our range of Asian inspired water fountains are an excellent set of features for any garden, but could be particularly fitting in a relaxing space as several feature the serene sitting Buddha.