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Stainless Steel Water Features has a wide array of elegant, attractive and durable indoor and garden stainless steel water features.  They are all available online so it will be so convenient for you.  It features many different designs and styles, from traditional concepts to the contemporary ones.  A single stainless steel water feature item can add to the beauty of your homes whether it may be outdoor or indoor.  It is so great if you will consider placing some of our stainless steel water feature at your patios, lawns, yards, or garden areas.  

Most of our stainless steel water feature items are easy to assemble and install and cleaning is not a problem.  All of them are resistant to rust as well since they are made out of stainless steel materials.  Just browse online and choose what you want and what you need.  If you don’t know how to choose, you may ask some experts to help you with the water features you’ll need.  It is just so easy to turn your simple landscape into an extravagant one. has a lot to offer to you in terms of water feature items.  They are all made especially just for you!  Check them out now!

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  1. Havana Stainless Steel Curved Water Feature

    Havana stainless steel curved water feature.

    L30 W21 H110 cm

  2. Lyon Water Feature

    Lyon water feature.

    L100 W100 H116 cm

  3. Riga Water Feature

    Riga water feature.

    L75 W75 H86 cm

  4. Berlin Water Feature

    Berlin water feature.

    L50 W50 H62 cm

  5. Ankara Water Feature

    Ankara water feature.

    L40 W 40  H51 cm

  6. Stainless Steel Sphere Alger Water Feature

    Stainless steel sphere alger water feature.

    37cm x 37cm x 42cm

  7. Belgrade Stainless Steel, 3 Columned Water Feature

    NewSale Belgrade Stainless Steel, 3 Columned Water Feature

    Belgrade stainless steel, 3 columned water feature.

    L37 W37 H166 cm

    Regular Price €525.00 Special Price €499.95
  8. Athens Medium Stainless Steel Tubular Water Feature

    Athens medium stainless steel tubular water feature.

    L37 W37 H131 cm

  9. Monaco Water Feature with 3 Tubular Pillars in Stainless Steel

    Monaco water feature with 3 tubular pillars in stainless steel.

    L37 W37 H97cm

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