Lyon Water Feature

Lyon water feature.

L100 W100 H116 cm

PLEASE NOTE: This item is available for pre order. It will be available from July 30th.


Lyon water feature.

L100 W100 H116 cm

Quality Assured
This product complies with applicable IP & BS standards

Quality Water Pump
Fill the self contained unit with water, and the pump will circulate the water through this water feature. The pump can be turned off at will.

We include instructions in English with all our water features.

Self Contained Water Feature
No need to have a connection to the water mains, you just need to fill up this water feature and turn it on, the water will be recycled through the water feature. Only periodic refills are required.

Power Plug Included
U.K and Ireland 3 pronged plug as standard. Buying direct from Ireland, has its advantages, no pesky adapters required, the power plug also includes 10 meters of cable.

Lyon Water Feature totally self contained which means you can position it anywhere in the garden or on the patio or decking.

100 x 100 x 116 (cm)