Dog at Fountain Water Feature

Dog at fountain water feature.

56 x 35 x 69 cm


Dog at fountain water feature.

56 x 35 x 69 cm

Durable Resin Material
This product is made of Durable Polyresin design suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Resin Statues and Sculptures. Relatively new to the world of statuary and water features is the art of casting statues with fiberglass resin. It is a very durable synthetic polymer. Resin statues and water features are able to retain all of the detail of the original works while offering many other benefits.

Quality Assured
This product complies with applicable IP & BS standards

Quality Water Pump
Fill the self contained unit with water, and the pump will circulate the water through this water feature. The pump can be turned off at will.

We include instructions in English with all our water features.

Self Contained Water Feature
No need to have a connection to the water mains, you just need to fill up this water feature and turn it on, the water will be recycled through the water feature. Only periodic refills are required.

Power Plug Included
U.K and Ireland 3 pronged plug as standard. Buying direct from Ireland, has its advantages, no pesky adapters required, the power plug also includes 10 meters of cable.

We are a country of animal lovers, and this fountain is converted by a cheeky bloodhound dog trying to grab a drink. It is a wonderful design with great attention to detail and is a traditional country garden fountain. It is designed to give the appearance of cast iron, which gives it a solid and expensive look. When the water is switched on during the day it provides a soothing sound.

It is made from Durable resin-stone, is hand finished, it is easy to unpack and assemble with no tools required and can be used indoors and outdoors. It is low voltage and is cheap and safe to run.

It is very easy to assemble and can be delivered anywhere in Ireland. It makes a great gift for family or friends, and we can have it delivered directly to them when you place an order.

Fill the fountain with sufficient water to ensure the pump is well submersed. We advise that you clean and top up the water on a regular basis.

Poem: Carol Caprani: The Blood Hound Fountain

I was told a dog should never put his nose where it does not belong

But I am an inquisitive dog with a bloodhound nose

I inspected the fountain in the garden today

When suddenly water sprayed up and hit my face

Little did I know the worst was yet to come

As I turned to stone and went completely numb

No longer can I sniff with my bloodhound nose

And I am forever at this fountain with no-where to go


Width: 56cm / 22.05"

Depth (front to back): 35cm / 13.78"

Height: 69cm / 27.17"

Weight: 13.0 KG