Contemporary water features are becoming extremely popular especially with young people who like to make a statement in their garden. We have an extensive selection below in various materials such as granite, sandstone, stainless steel and Resin. They make fabulous gifts, which can be delivered to the door of the recipient. The designs are varied to suit everyone’s taste and will make a focal point in the garden.

Many types of businesses, as well as private home dwellers, are investing in these wonderful water features, which can enhance space in the garden. They can make a small piece stand out and can be made even nicer with lights that light it up in the evening.

Contemporary water features flow gracefully and elegantly like the wind, giving elegance to the garden and sophistication that will be admired by your family and guests.

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  1. Column With Sphere Water Feature

    Column with sphere water feature.

    30cm x 30cm x 93cm

  2. Lady On Blue Granite Rock Water Feature

    Lady on blue granite rock water feature.

    L52 W43 H101 cm

  3. Kiss Lady In Blue Granite Water Feature

    Kiss lady in blue granite water feature.

    L54 W21 H108 cm

  4. Granite Sitting Man Water Feature

    Granite sitting man water feature.

    L52 W40 H113 cm

  5. Sitting Lady 2 S/S Spheres Water Feature

    Sitting lady 2 s/s spheres water feature.

    L56 W24 L72 cm

  6. Granite Couple Rain Effect Water Feature

    Granite couple rain effect water feature.

    35 x 25 x 115 cm

  7. Granite Lady & Child Crystal Ball Water Feature

    Granite lady & child crystal ball water feature.

    L45 W26 H72 cm

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