Ceramic water features are loved the world over and can be seen in most gardens. They are eye-catching, stylish and can be used outside or indoors. They are usually glazed, have been hand finished and the water circulates around the feature, so you do not have to connect them to the external water supply. They are flat based to keep them stable and upright and are safe for children and pets. The water features operate on a low voltage, to make it safe and cheap to run. They have a self-contained pump which circulates the water, are easy to assemble and come with clear instructions.

Ceramic is a versatile material; it is air-tight, water-tight and relatively temperature resistant making it an ideal outdoor material. It is used to create pots, planters, water features and so much more. They will not crack or break from regular use. But it is advisable to cover them in winter to keep them in prime condition.

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